Civic Association of River Falls (CARF)

Advising and representing the community on civic matters

CARF is the voluntary community association of River Falls that was formed in 1975 to represent the interests of River Falls residents. Among the things CARF does are:

  • Act as spokesperson for River Falls to the various governmental and corporate bodies whose decisions affect our community;
  • Keep the community informed of developments affecting River Falls in particular and the Potomac area in general (e.g., neighborhood security; PEPCO issues; school boundary issues; zoning issues);
  • Maintain the entrances to the community and Brickyard Road traffic circles within the neighborhood boundaries, and periodically organize volunteer clean-up projects to improve the shared green spaces;
  • Provide and operate the RiverFallsChat email listserv;
  • Administer and operate the Architectural Review Committee (also known as the ‘ARC’), which reviews renovation plans for conformity with the legal covenants that apply to each resident of River Falls, and ensure that other covenants are complied with by homeowners;
  • Publish an annual River Falls directory provided to CARF members (available in print form annually, as well as online in a format updated in real time), as well as a quarterly newsletter, Neighborhood News, which is delivered to all residents; and
  • Undertake those local projects and celebrations of a civic nature that help keep River Falls a pleasant community in which to live, including organizing our annual July 4th celebration, providing security patrol for Halloween, and establishing a Welcoming Committee to introduce new residents to the neighborhood.

  • For more information, including access to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Project Review form, please visit:
  • Please select “Documents and Forms” to request forms related to the ARC or CARF membership.