RFCCA Notice of Special Meeting

Dear RFCCA Membership,

On Sunday evening, July 14, 2019, the RFCCA Board of Governors met to discuss crafting a plan to recoup the expenses associated with the recovery and cleanup of our facilities, including the pool and supporting infrastructure, the clubhouse, fields and tennis courts, and to build back up our financial reserves.

Many of you were able to participate in the community meeting on Sunday morning where the Board shared detailed information on the damage done, the remediation work and associated costs.  For those who were unable to attend, we are including the link to a copy of the presentation that was made during that meeting and previously sent out via email to RFCCA members.  The feedback received by the Board as part of that meeting was extremely positive that the community wanted to support recovering the costs of the flood damage in any way possible.

At the meeting on Sunday evening, July 14, 2019, the Board unanimously decided to call a meeting of the RFCCA membership, per the Bylaws, to propose a special assessment of $200 per active member family, and $75 per senior member family to recoup the costs of the remediation.  The objective of the assessment is to raise approximately $60,000 to offset the costs of the response and cleanup and repair work and establish an appropriate reserve position for any future emergency projects such as the one we just experienced.

In pertinent part, the RFCCA bylaws read as follows:

ARTICLE IV – Dues and Assessments

Section 3. Additional capital assessments shall be levied only by vote of the membership at an annual or special meeting called in part for that purpose and only with the concurrence of a majority of memberships voted in each class or sub-class to be assessed.

As such, the RFCCA Board will host an open meeting for the active family and senior members on Sunday, July 21, 2019, at the RFCCA Clubhouse at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the need to replenish RFCCA’s reserves and hold a vote on the proposed special assessment.

Since the bylaws require the “concurrence of a majority of memberships voted in each class or sub-class to be assessed” to levy the special assessment on all active member families and senior members, respectively, we strongly encourage all members to come to the meeting and vote (or provide a proxy in advance).  In order for your vote to count, you must be present in person at the meeting or provide a proxy in advance.  For those members unable to attend, we have included the proxy form below.  The proxy form includes instructions for completion and submission.

Also please note that the special assessment will coincide with a voluntary fundraising campaign for those who want to give more to improve RFCCA’s facilities.  We heard from several community members (both members of RFCCA and those that aren’t) that want to participate in fundraising to recover the pool and enhance RFCCA facilities.  In response to this effort, the Board has initiated a GoFundMe page to support any community fundraising efforts.  All money associated with the fundraising effort will go towards future enhancements of the RFCCA facilities as community input is received and funding allows.  The GoFundMe link is available now and is:


Further details about the fundraising campaign will be rolled out under separate cover as we hear feedback from the community and develop campaign particulars.  Special recognition will be given to donations at the $250-$500 level, as well as $500 and above.  The manner in which these donations will be memorialized at the community center will be determined in the coming weeks.

Primary to the Board’s thought process, and the feedback received from the community, is to provide a clear picture of the financial picture both pre- and post-event.  By providing this information and deciding to call for a vote on an assessment, the Board is focused first and foremost on re-establishing the reserve position for the facilities for any future event.  We also want to create the ability for others to give to support the facilities that serve as the heartbeat of our great community in whatever fashion they feel comfortable knowing that may differ for each family.  Thus, we believe an assessment to recover costs combined with a fundraising effort for future enhancements that is VOLUNTARY, is the most prudent course of action at this time.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to send them to:  riverfallsclub@gmail.com.

Best regards,

The RFCCA Board of Governors